Martin Fóka

Martin Fóka, tech‑savy engineer with a keen eye for automation and process improvements.

I've always been curious about everything around me, even if the knowledge I gain has no immediate use. Nowadays there is usually some kind of trigger, but I'll still expand my knowledge and learn new stuff that I didn't even know I wanted to know.

My passion lies in programming and operations research, but I also enjoy doing data analytics and web development. I believe that everything can be improved and everything can be made easier. I generally tend to automate everything and use my technical skills to make doing business easy. I believe that a good solution has to be elegant, clean, and well-documented.

I'm also a generalist, so I like to have a broad understanding of the systems and technologies I work with. I tend to know a little bit about everything, which helps me to see the big picture. I don't like to be limited by one tool, one programming language, or one way of thinking. I try to keep an open mind and view things from different perspectives.

Today, I am looking for a career that will provide me with the opportunity to combine my technical skills and my passion for problem-solving to benefit the company and help me grow as a professional. Feel free to learn more about my experience and projects on this site. If you think I can bring value to your company, I'd love to talk to you!